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  • -1Saturday 25 Apr

    Argyle 3 Tranmere 2

    We've only gone and almost done it!

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  • -4Wednesday 22 Apr

    Willand Rvrs 0 Argyle 4

    Photos from the Devon St Luke's Challenge Cup Semi-final.

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  • -8Saturday 18 Apr

    Carlisle 2 Argyle 0

    Once again, bitterly disappointing. It's all on next week now.

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  • -12Tuesday 14 Apr

    Argyle 1 Wimbledon 1

    Another less-than-convincing performance and a big opportunity lost, but other results go our way.

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  • -15Saturday 11 Apr

    Argyle 2 Mansfield 1

    A hard slog and just as hard to watch, but all-important 3 points puts us back in the play-off places.

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Green Army!

  • 1947: Argyle 0 Birmingham 2; the first of a club record nine successive defeats (the last six games of that season and the first three of the next). It was the first season after the war, which had decimated the club and its facilities, but 'Resurgam': five years later ...

  • 1952: Argyle 2 Torquay 2, the last home game of a magnificent season, in which Argyle equalled the 107 goal record set by the 1925-26 side. This game was a typical anti-climax after promotion was secured three days earlier, but the result didn't matter. Over 28,000 packed Home Park to see Jack Chisholm lift the championship trophy, captain of what some would say was the greatest ever Argyle side: Shortt, Ratcliffe, Jones, Dougall, Chisholm, Porteous, Astall, Rattray, Tadman, Dews and Govan.

  • 1954: Stoke City 3 Argyle 2, 'Jumbo' Jack Chisholm's 188th and final game after five years at the club. By all accounts, he wasn't the most agile, he lacked speed, his ball control could have been better, he rarely left his penalty area - such was his fitness level - and from a medical point of view he should never have stepped on the pitch. Yet few have inspired as he did, an Argyle legend still remembered with great affection at Home Park today.


1914: Ron Ferrier - 1 game, no goals in 1945.

Although the Second World War was at an end, the Football League divided its competition into regional sections for the 1945-46 season because of the exceptional ... more

1920: Pat McKenna - 1 game, no goals in 1953.

McKenna began his career in Scottish Junior football with Blantyre Celtic before joining Aberdeen in 1944, where he was a teammate of Bill Strauss, George Taylor and ... more

1944: Ernie Machin - 70 games, 7 goals between 1972 and 1974.

After beginning his career with Lancashire non-league side Nelson, Machin became the first player to be signed by Coventry City manager Jimmy Hill. It was a year before ... more

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Steve Dean

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Tuesday 31 March

"When I get older, losing my hair"

I first heard The Beatles' “When I’m 64” when I was a fresh-faced 15-year old, and I can distinctly remember wondering what the world would be like in nearly 50 years time, and thinking how incredibly far away that was. Ha! Not any more. I’ll be reaching that landmark next season.

As many will know, I started GoS over 16 years ago, when I was a mere 46. The early years were exciting in all sorts of way, from building something new and a little bit different to having the pleasure of covering two promotion seasons and six years in the Championship. Needless to say, recent times have been more of a slog.

Heading to your mid-sixties doesn’t half make you think about life, and the recent news about Tyhee Slim couldn't have been more of a shock in that respect. Whilst I’m hopeful of a decade or two yet, I really have to think about how I how I want life to be now, especially with wife and family in mind (the grandchildren aren't Vera, Chuck and Dave, by the way).

The plain fact is that even if I stay reasonably healthy, I can’t go on forever, and worse case, who knows what’s around the corner. On the other hand, I’d hate for 16 years of work to go down the plughole, so the big question is, how can Greens on Screen continue in the long term? Frankly, at the moment I’ve no idea.

There are two fundamental issues for me. The first is how on earth can anyone take on the technical angle of the site, bearing in mind it was built up from scratch, and that started 16 years ago. So the technology it is based on is well past its sell-by date, and the whole site has grown into a bit of a nest of vipers too. Finding someone to take it on who would be (a) able and (b) desperately keen (because that's essential) feels like a very tall order, so for now I'm happy to stay responsible for the techie side of the site. Frankly, I don't see any other option, and it'll only be worse in a few years time, when I finally give up altogether. For that reason, I fear for GoS in the long term, but hey, let's leave that for another day.

The second problem is how to cut down the week-by-week management of the site so it becomes less of a burden. To some extent I've been introducing behind-the-scenes stuff in the last couple of years to ease the effort, but now it almost certainly means that aspects will have to go. It might also be necessary for someone to help with the routine stuff, depending on what's left.

So here's the bottom line. Whatever the solution, I'm sorry but the time has come for GoS to either move on or close down. I desperately hope it's the former, and to that end I'll be very busy in the next few months to be ready for next August, with a site that I suspect will be noticeably different to how it is now. And this is where you come in. I'd like to have a group of people who I could write to from time to time over the next few months, to share the latest thinking and get some feedback. So if you're a GoS regular and would like to hear about how the site might develop, as well as getting the chance to have your say if you feel strongly about anything, please send me an email (to with the words 'The future of GoS' in the subject line, together with your name, and I'll include you in a mailing list for progress emails whenever I've something to say.

Thanks for reading!



I've been staggered by your generosity! In the first 24 hours my immediate target has been reached, so thank you so much. However, I'm going to keep the donations button available for people who would still like to make a gesture to GoS - if you see what I mean! That will also allow me to build up a fund that means I won't need to come back to you for a couple of years, and if there is then any excess, I promise that will go to the club, in one form or another.

Original message:

Ever since it's first appearance in 1999, Greens on Screen has been free to access, and I am determined to keep it that way. You probably realise that I've avoided any form of advertising, partly because I don't want any commercial association with the material, but mainly because adverts on web pages detract from the content - and they're so annoying!

But GoS is not free to produce or maintain, and without income from adverts, I've asked for donations in years gone by. There have been so many calls on your generosity in recent times, so I haven't asked for help for quite a while, but unfortunately the time has come when I need to rattle the GoS tin again.

So if this is a bad time for you, please ignore me. If you feel you can help, however small that might be, thank you so much.

And just a couple of things I should add:

If you make a donation, please understand that it is a voluntary gesture to help cover on-going costs. It implies no benefit on your part, or obligation on mine. For instance, if I decide to scale down (or even end) Greens on Screen at any time in the future, that's simply the way it is.

You should also be aware that 3.4% + 20p of your donation is paid to PayPal for the cost of the service.

Many thanks again!