3 April 2024:

Miscellaneous Report 2 (Consecutive Results) now includes a table for runs with no Argyle goals.

24 September 2022:

On this page, a new report (12) for consecutive appearances and goal-scoring.

15 March 2022:

Matches and players in the Football League West Cup in the 1944-45 season have been added, affecting many milestones.

19 January 2020:

Postponed & abandoned dates and match details for the Southern Charity Cup are now included, the latter affecting many milestones.

19 November 2018:

On this page, a new report (11) shows all scorelines from 0-9 to 10-3, the number of occurrences and lists up to 50 of the most recent.

5 July 2017:

Search by Day of Year now provides the On This Day and Born This Day information as well as matches played on the selected day.

14 April 2016:

Minor changes to the match page layout, including starting lineup changes from the last match, and beginning with 1974-75, brief match accounts from Andy Riddle's book. These will be added gradually to reach 2005-06 in the coming months.

3 March 2016:

Programme extracts have been added to each match page, initially for 1945-1954, and then gradually over the coming months for all post-WW2 matches, home and away.

9 Dec 2015:

1. The names of associated managers on the players' pages are now links to their profiles.
2. The stats on the newly introduced managers page can now be restricted to home or away games only.

5 Dec 2015:

A comprehensive managers' page has been added, and a match date search is now available on this hub page.

23 May 2015:

On each player page, every season (e.g. 2014-2015) is now a link to the corresponding season page.

25 October 2014:

Miscellaneous Report 2 has been amended to add the number of consecutive clean sheets.

16 April 2014:

The player page now shows the managers a player played for.

3 March 2014:

Miscellaneous Report 10: a list of goalscorers ranked by season.

24 October 2013:

The player page now has a facility that allows you to contribute your memories, stories and personal research for every past player.

3 May 2013:

The list of seasons from the Season button now includes a column 'FL Pos' -  the overall position within the 4 tiers of the Football League (or 3 tiers when Argyle were in the Third Division South). This column can be ordered using the drop-down at the top of the page.

28 December 2012:

Miscellaneous Report 5 had been amended to add youngest goalscorers on debut, and all names are now links to player pages.

16 August 2012:

The number of players with a photo has now reached 937 (97% of all first-teamers since 1903).

26 June 2012:

The effort to add a pen-picture for every first-team player, begun in January 2010, is now complete. All 966 have a brief biography and the picture count is steadily increasing - there are currently images for 852 Pilgrims (88%).

28 January 2012:

This hub page: The left and right-hand Top 10 tables were not properly accounting for currently players who had been with us in a previous spell (currently Wotton & Chadwick). The code has now been corrected.

3 January 2012:

Miscellaneous Report 9: Football League performance by one or more calendar years.

15 October 2011:

Miscellaneous Report 5 has been amended to add youngest and oldest goalscorers.

5 April 2011:

Miscellaneous Report 8 added: our performance against all opponents, ranked by average points per game. And a quick update on player photos and pen-pictures: steady progress behind the scenes over the last few months (as you can appreciate, it gets harder as the numbers increase). There are now 754 players with photos (80%) and 733 with pen-pictures (78%).

27 Nov 2010:

Another progress update on the search for player photos, and the writing of their pen-pictures. The photos have now reached the 75% mark, that's just over 700 players with at least one photo, and we now have a brief biography for 621 players, two thirds of all who have played a first-team game since 1903.

26 Sep 2010:

It's a year on from GoS-DB's first release and if it seems like there has been little action in the last few months, that's far from the case. The main progress has been with player pen-pictures (i.e. words, not photos). We now have a brief biography for 562 players, that's 60% of all who have played a first-team game since 1903.

17 Apr 2010:

A slight redesign of the player page. 

29 Mar 2010:

Another 104 missing photos have been added in the last few weeks to reach 61% of all possible players (566 now available out of a possible 925). 

18 Feb 2010:


Another 133 player photos have been added in the last few weeks, taking the total to 462. That means we've now reached the 50% mark. The Player page now allows for more than one photo of a player, and to take advantage of that, 162 second, third, etc. photos have also been added over the last few weeks.


The Player page now includes the space for a pen-picture (a few sentences about each individual), and the long job of creating them has begun. Most of the modern players are complete.

13 Jan 2010:

132 individual player photos added in the last few weeks; now up to 35% of all players.

31 Dec 2009:

Miscellaneous Report 7 added: Argyle's Football League record by decade.

30 Oct 2009:

Miscellaneous Report 6 added: Best and Worst Starts to a Season.

19 Oct 2009:

Error in the By Season component: the current season was not staying up to date. Now fixed.

10 Oct 2009:


Two new miscellaneous reports: Top Substitutes and Youngest and Oldest.


105 player photos added over the last fortnight, taking the current number up to 198, or 21% of all players.

26 Sep 2009:

First release.